Friday, February 27, 2009

Cholesterol in eggs?

Hello everyone!
During a lunch in school, my co-teacher notice that one of our friend who is pregnant is fun with eating boiled eggs….she was advised not to eat too much egg because it contain cholesterol! So I made a research on the internet if this is true…..and I want to share with everyone this information that I had read!

Studies have now been published that turn historical medical recommendations to avoid eggs upside down. Although a single egg yolk contains 200 milligrams of cholesterol, recent studies show that eating eggs doesn't necessarily cause cholesterol in the bloodstream to skyrocket. According to the publishers of The New England Journal of Medicine, "these findings have led doctors to give the okay for most healthy Americans to eat up to four eggs a week."
Now in a study published in the April 21 Journal of the American Medical Association, Harvard Medical School researchers categorized the egg-eating habits of almost 38,000 male health professionals and 80,000 female nurses; and found low consumption at one egg per week and high at one or more eggs per day. Researchers also tracked the associated occurrence of heart attacks, stroke, and other types of cardiovascular disease in the male group for eight years and in the female group for fourteen years. They found no connection between egg consumption and heart disease. Even after adjusting for factors such as age, weight, high-fat food intake, smoking, high blood pressure, and family history of heart problems no statistical correlation was identifiable between egg eating and heart disease.
Eggs are no longer implicated in problems with LDL (bad cholesterol) and in fact help the body to balance good and bad cholesterol. This balance is important because cholesterol forms part of all our organs, including the heart and brain. All sex hormones are manufactured by the body from cholesterol. Adequate cholesterol is absolutely necessary for maintaining mental and sexual function during aging.


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